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The Motive of the prophetic training website



All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the Alamin (mankind jinn and all that exists). And may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions altogether.

We praise Allah The Exalted and thank Him for the great blessings He bestowed on us, which we cannot and wont be able to give its right, whatever effort we make.

 This website is not meant for any other purpose rather than the obedience of Allah through a token contribution together with the efforts of good and righteous people in clarifying the Islamic methodology introduced by the final and seal of all Prophets and messengers, our prophet Muhammad upon him are the best praises and perfect peace.

This website through its educational topics aims at the following:

·                      To spread the personal history of the honourable Prophet and clarify the practical examples it entails, that which contributes to the building of individuals and societies.

·                      To display the perfection of the prophetic system in the area of training, that would enhance the perfect building of the nation and its individuals.

·                      To show the concern of the prophetic system by displaying details of all areas of training and methodology, and to lay down its practical and theoretical fundamentals.

·                      To help the nation practice the way of its Prophet Muhammad r

·                      To utilize the available technical services to spread the way and manner of the prophet.

The website strives to execute its motives and objectives through its different chapters that basically includes the following:

Displaying the aromatic history of the Prophet hood and clarifying the benefits stored in it, in every sphere of educational and social and administrative training.

Presenting different chapters of educational training in fields like (Aqidah) beliefs, worships, manners, inventions, socialization and other chapters the website is working on by Allah's grace and blessings.

Translating the Arabic content of the website to other wide spread languages.

Our hopes and anticipations:

We hope from Allah the Exalted that He would grant us His divine assistance that would enable us improve the website in the future, by adding other languages, and new chapters, and provide additional services like:

·                      Helping researchers in the field of the Prophetic training.

·                      Consultative education

·                      Educational news

·                      Educational library

·                      Sound services

·                      Educational forum

We ask Allah to grant us progress in our anticipations in the nearest future, and to make this work a beneficial one and for the purpose of seeking His pleasure alone, He is all Providing and all Generous.


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